Packaging and complete identity designed for J & J Honey Farm in Pine Island MN by Trushin Studios



J & J Honey



J & J Honey approached Ivan Trushin of Trushin Studios to create their brand identity and evolve their packaging. With plans for local growth and potential to reach a larger audience, J & J needed their products to visually compete on a local and national level. The brand identity and packaging had to reflect the relaxed nature of the company and the small-town Minnesota environment in which the bees were raised. Furthermore, the identity system had to allow for future growth into other honey varieties.



Using monograms from the names of the founders, we decided to make J & J the focal point of the logo. With the landscape of J & J Farm as inspiration for the aesthetic of the logo, the letters took on an organic feel, connecting to the various plant life on the farm that keeps the bees happy. Custom, hand lettered typography was created throughout the brand to add  whimsy to promotional and sales materials. A custom dieline was created for the labels, mimicking the shape of a honey drop. The brighter color palette reflects the unique color of honey that is harvested from this region in MN, while the contrasting dark palette sets the brand apart in a retail environment. The end-product has been a success for the farm and created quite a buzz with customers!  

J&J color, texture and typography layout.


Custom labels were created to fit three different sized Quattroni canning jars.





Client: J & J Honey
Illustration: Trushin Studios
Design: Trushin Studios
Photography: Warrington Photography & AB Photography


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